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What Are Some Popular Pool Shapes?

Before you select an inground pool, you must determine the best shape and style for your property. A pool can add value to your home, but it needs to be attractive and well-situated on your property in relation to your house.

The most traditional shape in pool design is the rectangle, which is optimal for swimming laps. More adventurous is the freeform pool, which could come in any odd shape and is often the design of choice among eccentric homeowners. Easier on the eyes is the kidney-shaped pool, which has a natural, curvy look that's often the best choice for smaller properties. For a more clear-cut distinction between the shallow and deep ends of the pool, you could opt for the figure-8 design. Similarly, an L-shaped pool can offer a distinct shallow end, plus a suitable stretch for laps.

If you're trying to decide the best type of pool for your property, Custom Pools will help you make the right decision. For the past 40 years, we have installed pools of various shapes and sizes across Minneapolis. Call us today at (952) 641-7191 to learn more about our pool supplies and services.

Features to Consider for Your New Pool

In-ground Pool

The designs of inground pools have gotten a lot more creative in recent years. Whereas a rectangular layout with a diving board was once the norm, these days pool owners are opting for odd layouts with added features like waterslides. As long as you have an imagination, you too could have a very unique pool area.

Fun Features

The first question to ask is how you intend to use your pool. If you're into water sports, a volleyball net could provide plenty of fun in the pool. If there are children in your household, they might enjoy having a waterslide by the shallow end. You might even intend to use your pool for parties, in which case an outdoor shower and a swim-up bar could also be good additions.

Seaside Ambience

You might want your pool area to convey a certain type of setting, such as that of the seaside? To that end, the addition of a beach entry could help create the impression of entering a luxury resort. Further additions that could give your pool area that seaside feel include an umbrella-shaded drink counter and stool set.

Natural Settings

Perhaps you'd like your pool area to conjure the wonders of nature? For that effect, a waterfall could complement your poolside visually while making pleasant sounds that would mask background noises. In the nighttime, a waterfall could serve as the visual focus of your back yard with the addition of accenting lights.

If you're looking to do something interesting with your pool area, the specialists at Custom Pools will help you realize your vision. For the last four decades, we've helped inground pool owners throughout Minneapolis with everything from renovation to repairs. To learn more about our pool supplies and services, visit our store, check out our website, or call us at (952) 641-7191.

Pool Deck Design Ideas

One of the best pavers for a poolside area is travertine, which is a thick, heavy limestone material that originates from hot springs. Travertine has come down in price in recent years, and it comes in various colors, including cream and walnut. Due to its makeup, travertine has an almost crack-proof flexibility that makes it an ideal paver on moisture-prone soils. Travertine in the Versailles pattern makes a complementary paver at poolsides. The video talks more about travertine.

If you want a redesign of your pool area, Custom Pools can make it all look like new. We offer pool equipment, installation, renovation, and more for owners of inground pools in Minneapolis, and you can learn about our services at our website or by calling (952) 641-7191.

Boosting the Efficiency of a Swimming Pool Heater

Swimming pool plumbing

One of the most important components in residential inground pools is the heating system. With the right heating, a pool can be used during fall and winter months. However, like all electrical pool equipment, a heating system could put a strain on your budget if not handled efficiently. Therefore, certain things must be taken into consideration when you have a heating system installed.

Conserve Your Heat

During weeks when the pool is not in use, the heater should be shut off, and only turned on the day before pool use commences. Though things can vary according to the starting temperature of the water, most pools take 24 hours to heat. Between uses of the pool, a solar cover could help you reduce the loss of heat.

Choose an Efficient Heater

The efficiency of a heater can largely depend on its mechanisms. Heaters with LO-NOx burners offer some of the greatest fuel efficiency, as do draft burners, which suck air into the heating system for warmer combustion. When it comes to millivolt heaters, it's best to get a model with an electric starter, otherwise they burn gas continuously.

Adjust to Outdoor Temperatures

Another way to save energy is to only use the heater when the pool water drops below a certain temperature. Most swimmers are perfectly comfortable in pools when the water is at least 78 degrees, regardless of whether the outdoor temperature is in the 45-55-degree range. Therefore, 78 degrees could be the line at which to consider whether heating is even necessary.

Custom Pools has provided heating options for Minneapolis pool owners for more than 40 years. To learn more about our pool equipment, as well as our heating, renovation, and repair services for inground pools, visit our website or storefront, or call us at (952) 641-7191.

Spotlight on Folding a Pool Cover

Covered private pool

Whether you have a mesh or solid pool cover, you will have to fold it up and put it in storage when pool season comes. For solid covers, start at one end of the pool and begin pulling the cover out. It is recommended to fold it up in segments, and then lay it out on a long surface such as your driveway for cleaning purposes. Consider washing both sides with a hose to rinse off any debris. It is important to let it fully dry before storing it to avoid formation of mildew or mold. For mesh pool covers, it is a similar process. The first step is to release the cover from the anchors that hold it down. It is advised to wash the mesh cover with each fold to eliminate all debris. Once it is washed and folded, it is important to place it in its bag, and put it in a dry place for a few hours to eliminate moisture before storing it.

At Custom Pools, we take pride in providing you with the pool products and services that you need. Family-owned and operated in Minneapolis for more than four decades, we sell pool equipment, design in ground pools, and more. Call us at (952) 933-2255, or visit our website for more information.

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