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    Heating Alternatives for Your Pool

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Any inground pool can enhance a backyard’s atmosphere and give a family countless hours of fun, but a heated inground pool is a true luxury. Thanks to the emergence of pool heaters that are powered by alternative fuel sources, a pool owner no longer needs to worry about the environmental and financial expenses associated with heating a pool.

    With a solar pool heater, you can keep your pool comfortable for longer. A heater can extend the swimming season and help you maximize the utility you and your household derive from your pool. A state-of-the-art solar heating system consists of a solar-heated tank and a corresponding thermostat. Set the thermostat to your desired temperature, and let the sun do the rest.

    Located in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Custom Pools is a dedicated and experienced pool service and construction expert that offers solar pool heating alternatives to its customers. To arrange to have one of our accessible and environmentally responsible solar pool heating systems installed in your Twin Cities pool, call (952) 955-4534.

    How to Throw a Great Holiday Spa Party

    Last updated 14 days ago

    With many of America’s favorite holidays consolidated into a period of a few chilly months, many homeowners are likely to throw at least one party this winter. If you are planning a party in the next couple of months and would like it to be a casual affair, one way you can help guests stay warm and ensure that they enjoy themselves is by making your deck spa the party’s focal point. Here are some tips for throwing a memorable holiday party.

    Warm Up the Spa in Advance

    Decide on a temperature that will be warm enough to please guests who love to soak in 105-degree water but will not scorch those who prefer their spa temps a few degrees cooler. 102 or 103 degrees is a good compromise. Turn on the spa several hours before your party starts, checking on the temperature as it warms up.

    Highlight Alternative Attractions

    A spa can serve as an excellent focal point to any gathering, especially one that takes place when the weather is cool. Unless your party is rather small or your spa is exceptionally large, however, not every guest can relax in it at the same time. Shine the spotlight on a pool table, bar games, buffet table, dance floor, and any other sources of entertainment you have for guests to use in between visits to the hot tub.

    Have Towels and Bathing Suits on Hand

    If you advertise your gathering as a spa party, chances are that most guests will turn up with their own towels. For those who forget towels or swimwear, however, you should have some extra options out and on hand so that any guest who wants to enjoy the spa has the opportunity to do so.

    If you have wanted to invest in a spa for awhile but have not yet found the time or money to do so, planning a hot tub party in the days or weeks after your purchase is a great way to justify the purchase. If you live in Minneapolis or elsewhere in the Twin Cities area and would like to have an experienced pool builder install a portable spa on your property, call Custom Pools at (952) 955-4534. We can help you make your holiday party a hit! 

    Spa Winterization Tips

    Last updated 19 days ago

    Spa owners who use their spas regularly throughout the winter do not have to worry about full-scale winterization. For the rest of us, this brief video clip provides a great rundown of the hot tub winterization process.

    If your spa is outdoors and you intend to use it rarely or not at all, make sure that it is entirely free of water that could freeze and cause damage to the spa’s pumps, blowers, or walls. To ensure that you do not miss any water traps, consult your owner’s manual.

    At Custom Pools in Minneapolis, we offer professional pool and spa winterization services. To be sure that your spa and accompanying pool are prepared to weather the winter ahead, call (952) 955-4534 and schedule a pool service appointment before temperatures start to dip below freezing on a nightly basis. 

    Steps for Planning the Perfect Inground Pool

    Last updated 28 days ago

    Any swimming pool can enhance your backyard experience, but an inground pool should be easier to incorporate into your landscaping and more likely to add value to your home than an above ground pool. If you are looking to construct an inground pool on your property, follow these steps.

    Pick a Location

    If you have a large yard, assess its features to determine where it makes the most sense to place your pool. If much of your yard is dotted with shade trees but you have a large patch that receives ample sun exposure, consider this area. The benefits to you will be a naturally warmer pool and a sunnier environment immediately surrounding the pool in which you can swim and sunbathe.

    Check Zoning Regulations

    Since the construction of an inground swimming pool involves digging and the installation of new plumbing equipment, it is subject to municipal zoning rules. Before you can legally proceed with the construction, you will need to secure a permit. An experienced pool service specialist should be able to guide you through this process.

    Choose a Pool Construction Material

    Once you have decided where you will build your pool, it is time to think about the type of pool you want. Concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl lining are the most common inground pool wall options. Each material offers its own set of advantages, with fiberglass and vinyl lining being best equipped to endure the winter freezing and thawing cycles that are commonplace in the Twin Cities.

    Family-owned and operated, Custom Pools is Minnesota’s premier custom inground pool design and construction company. Work with us, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you through every step of the pool planning and construction process. To start discussing the construction of an inground pool on your Twin Cities property, give us a call at (952) 955-4534. 

    Protecting Your Hair, Skin, and Swimsuit from Pool Chlorine

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Pool chlorine is essential for maintaining a clean, sanitary swimming pool. It works continuously to kill bacteria and viruses in the water that could make swimmers who swallow even small gulps of water sick if the active chlorine were not present. Although chlorine can keep our immune systems healthy and safe while we are in the water, people who spend a great deal of time in chlorine-treated inground pools find that it does have an effect on their hair, skin, and swimwear. To protect your body and swim apparel from chlorine-related damage, follow the advice offered below.

    Preventative Hair Protection

    Are you so sick of the effects chlorine has on your hair that you try to keep it from getting wet every time you go swimming? To keep your hair from drying out or becoming discolored as a result of chlorine exposure, coat your hair with coconut oil or a silicone-based hair serum before swimming.

    Shower Immediately After Swimming

    Natural oils on your skin protect it from chlorine irritation for some time, but if you swim a lot or for lengthy periods of time you are likely familiar with red, itchy skin caused by chlorine exposure. To keep the effects of chlorine exposure to a minimum, hop in the shower immediately after every dip in your inground pool or athletic swim. Special body washes are available for swimmers, and applying lotion after your post-swim showers can keep your skin from drying out.

    Neutralize the Bleaching Effects of Chlorine

    If you have ever worn clothing that was not designed for swimming in a chlorinated pool, you are probably aware of the bleaching effects that pool chlorine has on clothing. Most swimwear is bleach- and fade-resistant, but even this can fade over time. To keep bleaching and discoloration from altering the appearance of your swimwear for as long as possible, add a few tablespoons of vinegar to your wash or use detergent designed specifically for swimwear when washing your swim clothes.

    Chlorine is an effective way to keep your pool clean, but it is important that chlorine levels remain below the level recommended by your pool builder. If you live in the Minneapolis area and require pool repair or other pool services, call Custom Pools at (952) 955-4534.

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