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How Does an Inground Pool Work?

An inground pool installation will allow you to transform your ordinary backyard into a fun and inviting oasis. From luxurious infinity pools to sporty lap pools and more, there are many different types of swimming pools that you can choose for your home. With the help of a company offering inground pools in Minneapolis, you will be able to create the custom pool installation of your dreams. Read on for a closer look at how inground pools are designed and constructed.

Choosing the Site

The first step of designing and installing an inground pool is to choose a site for installation. Since inground pools are installed directly into the earth, it is important to select a site that offers plenty of space for digging. Other factors to consider when choosing a pool site include any views that you may want to have from your pool deck, as well as the landscaping and hardscaping elements of your yard.

Selecting a Material

Once the pool site has been selected, the next step of pool installation is to select the inground pool material. Typically, there are three main types of materials that can be used to line the surface of an inground pool. Gunite is among the most popular inground pool materials because it is highly durable and versatile. You may also want to consider selecting a poured-concrete or vinyl-lined pool.

Creating the Filter and Drain

Another essential element of every inground pool is the filter and drain system. In order to keep your pool water clear and inviting, every pool must be equipped with an adequate filter and drain. The filter will circulate the water around the pool, and also send water through the heating system. Drains are responsible for eliminating pool debris.

To get started on your inground pool installation, be sure to call Custom Pools at (952) 933-2255. We provide the Minneapolis area with a fantastic range of pool installation services, and we will help you create the perfect pool for you. Our team looks forward to assisting you with your upcoming pool project.

The Pool Winterization Process

The winter season is here, and now is the perfect time to winterize your swimming pool When you winterize your pool, you will protect your inground pool from freezing temperatures and extreme weather conditions. The first step of winterizing a pool is to apply special products that will protect your pool during cold temperatures. Next, you can seal in these products with a special pool cover. To learn more about the pool winterization process, watch this video from

If you have questions about how to take care of inground pools in Minneapolis, be sure to contact Custom Pools. We offer a full range of pool supplies that can be used to keep your swimming pool in fantastic condition. For more information about the benefits of working with our pool contractors, call us at (952) 933-2255.

Looking Ahead to Spring Pool Opening Reminders

During the chilly months of winter, it can be hard to imagine sunny days spent relaxing by your swimming pool. Since warm spring temperatures will come sooner than you think, it is essential to look ahead to the basics of opening your swimming pool back up for spring. When you open your pool during the spring, you should make sure that the water source and electricity are turned on for your pool space. Before you remove your pool cover, you should be sure to fill your pool up to a normal water level. You may also want to vacuum your filter, cover box, and any other areas that have collected leaves and debris. With these simple steps, you will be ready to start enjoying your pool.

At Custom Pools, our pool retail store offers all of the equipment you need to get your swimming pool ready for spring. We proudly offer a great range of pool equipment in Minneapolis, and we can answer your questions about pool care. Call us at (952) 933-2255 to learn about the pool chemicals that we have in stock.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Inground Pool

If you have been seeking a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with your friends and family, you may want to consider installing an inground pool. Not only will a new swimming pool provide you with great recreational opportunities, but swimming pools can also add value to a property. A company offering Minneapolis inground pools can assist you with your design and installation project. Read on for some essential tips for creating the perfect inground pool.

Select the Right Material

When you are getting ready for an inground pool installation, it is important to select the right pool material for your lifestyle and budget. Concrete or gunite pools can be custom designed, and come in a range of textures and colors. When you are seeking a budget-friendly pool material, a fiberglass pool or aluminum walled pool may be the best fit for your needs.

Learn About Zoning Regulations

In order to create the perfect pool for your yard, you will also need to learn about any pool zoning regulations that pertain to your local area. For example, many cities have laws regarding the setback distances between pools and residential structures, sewer lines, and more. Additionally, you will also need to decide whether your pool needs to be surrounded by a security or privacy fence.

Consider Additional Features

To add fun and style to your inground pool installation, it is a great idea to consider additional features for your design. For example, a waterfall or fountain will create a striking centerpiece for your new inground pool. Other terrific pool features include swim up bars, tanning ledges, and diving boards.

When you are seeking a high-quality swimming pool contractor in Minneapolis, look no further than Custom Pools. We proudly offer a full range of pool installation and design services, and our pool professionals will help you create the pool of your dreams. To set up a consultation today, call us at (952) 933-2255.

Spotlight on Pool Heating Alternatives

Pool heaters are designed to provide you with comfortable pool water temperatures throughout many seasons of the year. If you are looking for a great way to enhance your enjoyment of your swimming pool, you may want to consider a new swimming pool heater installation. Today’s pool heaters rely on innovative technology in order to provide comfortable temperatures. For example, one popular pool heating alternative is a solar heat pump. Using solar technology, this pool heater is able to use the ambient temperature of the sun to warm up the water in your pool. Your pool contractor can answer all of your questions about the pool heater alternatives that are available to you.

When you are in need of a new pool heat pump, be sure to contact Custom Pools by calling (952) 933-2255. We are pleased to offer equipment for a variety of swimming pools, and we can assist you with your heater installation. Our team looks forward to helping you with all of your pool design and maintenance needs.

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